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Official Social Media Partner

We re-tweet our partners related posts and we will interact with you on Twitter to get your brand exposed throughout our network.

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Partner's Social Media Network

Featured on partners network via social media channels (650,000 likes and followers) and Plus we're featured through our strong media partner's webpages (500,000 monthly visits).

Radio Wave 105

Radio On-Air Time

Radio Wave 105

Our event is featured on air on “What’s On Guide “ - which is a round up prior to the event informing radio listeners about the programme, speakers and more.

Organisations represented in 2016

We attract a delegation from a wide range of companies and organisations
from all over the UK. Those represented include…

Personalization, E-Commerce, Latest trends

Thanks for sharing all information on latest trends and specifically liked the personalization talks and how we can approach e-commerce differently. Look forward to come back in 2017!

Scott Holden Lead developer

Up-to-date information on Digital Marketing trends

Has given me an up-to-date, latest information on digital marketing trends. I've learned a lot today, a lot of things that I didn't know before. See you next year!

Charlie Clark Digital Marketing Manager

Great take-aways, tips and tricks to put in practice!

I've seen some really good, knowledgable speakers at DMSSO16, and have taken away quick tips, pointers that I could put in practice straight-away. Awesome!

Dustin Jones Designer

Value for money

It has been a great day, and I'm positive that have taken a great value out of these sessions. I would definitely recommend to other peers who work in digital and keen to learn about our industry.

Mike Lanning Director

Very satisfied with the post-event support

DMSSO16 has been fantastic!! We have attended the day with two of my colleagues. I've been impressed by the organizers and especially with the post-event service provided.

Linda Carini Founder